The Sisters of St Thomas tell an incredible story of Divine Providence

Mother Mary Theresa is joined by Sister Mary Magdalen and Sister Mary Francis to tell the story of the building and recent consecration of their wonderful, gothic church in Florida. It is an uplifting and fascinating interview that will leave you feeling like you just heard a story from the 1500s. We cannot recommend this […]

Censorship and the Ten Commandments

Matt and Kevin cover several topics and have a very interesting chat. Be sure to share this one far and wide as we are banned from YouTube for the week.    Check us out on Rumble, Spotify and more.   AMDG!

Commentary on King Charles

S.D Wright of WM Review joins the show to discuss the very recent coronation of the new king of England.

Occultism in Hollywood (Adult Content)

Introibo joins the show again to continue our series on Occultism in Society. This one covers movies (and genres) that you just may not expect to find the occult, including a very beloved Disney cartoon. Keep in mind, we are not priests and are not saying what is right and wrong but rather what we […]

Meet the Oblates of the Holy Face

Sister Eulalia and Sister Ulrica explain just exactly who they are and what group of sisters they belong to over at Saint Gertrude the Great in Cincinnatti, Ohio. Basic info about the sisters: Their own website is here: For vocations inquires, you can contact the Oblates chaplain (Fr Lehtoranta) here: In the […]

Hell’s Attack on the Kitchen Table by Susan Claire Potts

Read by Lisa Davis Disclaimer: Catholic Family Podcast does not endorse the title “Pope” for anti-Popes Paul VI or Benedict XVI as referenced in the article. We have chosen to retain the references used by Mrs. Potts out of respect for the author and the authenticity of the original text. “Apollyon Unleashed” is a powerful, […]

The Occultism of the Positive Thinking Movement

(Big apologies for Kevin’s poor sound – fortunately he does not talk all that much in this one so we decided to publish anyway) Introibo brings his A-game (as usual) as we continue to delve into the evil world of the occult. NewThink, not to be confused with optimism or a positive outlook, is a […]