Steven Speray discusses the errors of Feenyism

Steven Speray joins the show to discuss and denounce the errors of Feenyism. Systematically debunking the Dimond Brothers on Baptism of Desire – PART 1 Systematically debunking the Dimond Brothers on Baptism of Desire – PART 2 Systematically debunking the Dimond Brothers on Baptism of Desire – PART 3 The Absurdities of Feeneyism How […]

Four Ladies Discuss: Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

Ina Davis hosts a show discussing one of the most important topics in the world: birth. Suzanne, a Naturopath from Australia, gives her expert advice while the others weigh in with their own significant experiences. Suzanne’s website: Facebook:… Instagram:… Support this podcast:

A Closer Look: Disney

Kevin takes a Closer Look at a company that parents trust implicitly and shouldn’t.… Support our podcast: Let it Go lyrics: The snow glows white on the mountain tonight Not a footprint to be seen A kingdom of isolation And it looks like I’m the queen The wind is howling like this […]

Two Nuns Discuss: Being a Nun

Kevin is joined by two of his sisters, Sister Maria Antonia and Sister Evangeline Marie, CMD, to discuss recent milestones in their lives, as well as life as Traditional Catholic nuns. AMDG! Catholic Family Podcast is creating Podcasts | Patreon

Three Priests Discuss: The Passion

Fathers Saunders, Sandquist and Appelhanz join the show to talk about the Passion of Our Lord, sin and redemption. They also give some very good advice at the end of the show for how we can best spend the last few days of this Lenten season. The talk on the Spiritual Life as mentioned by […]

On being a farmer and the importance of a healthy lifestyle

James joins the show from Minnesota to discuss his life as a farmer, the struggles and joys of his occupation and how it important it is to eat organically. We also end the show with great ideas on how to become more of a Catholic community, supporting others and ourselves! ’twas a great chat! AMDG!

A Chat with Novus Ordo Watch – AKA Mario Derksen

Mario Derksen of NOW joins Kevin to discuss, the nitty gritty of his work and the state of the Novus Ordo Church today. This is a can’t miss episode! Be sure to support Mario and his great work! You can support Catholic Family Podcast at: Gaia’s revenge (gulp):… Links from […]

Two Priests Discuss: Not Taking Our Faith For Granted

Fathers Saunders and Sandquist join the show to discuss what it was like growing up as Traditional Catholics in the 1990’s and how we are just normal people trying our best to get to Heaven. AMDG