Father Stephen McKenna: A Journey to Priesthood

Father McKenna was kind enough to join the show and tell us his story. From lukewarm modern Catholicism to a contiually more traditional mindset, this genial priest tells us how he ended up where he now is at Saint Gertrude the Great in Cincinnatti.   AMDG!

Father Lehtoranta: ”Totalism” vs the Thesis of Cassiciciacum

Father discusses the ins and outs of “Totalism” and “The Thesis” and explains why he believes that the seat of Peter is completely empty. You can get a more detailed look at the topic in Father’s own words in this recently published article: https://www.fatherlehtoranta.com/post… This show is meant for clarity NOT for disunity. AMDG

Father Vili Lehtoranta: From Finland to parish Priest in Cinci

Father joins the show to discuss his life story from growing up in a country where Catholicism barely exists to finding the True Faith and becoming a priest in America. Father’s story is unique but it is one that could undoubtedly help others who are in search of truth and have not yet found it. […]

What is Occultism and Why is it Everywhere?

(Adult content!) Introibo joins the show again for the first part of a series of shows on the occult and its invasion of our society. This is a must-watch for anyone who watches movies, or tv or reads books or listens to music or steps outside…..you get the picture. Check it out and be sure […]

What Is A Woman Podcast – Episode 1

Diving into the teachings of The Catholic Church regarding the lofty mission of women. Join us as we read and discuss the book “Mission and Duties of Young Women”

Archbishop Thuc, A Great Man

Father Francis Miller, OFM was a personal friend of Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc. He shares his personal reflections on the latter part of His Excellency’s life in this audio from the 2014 Fatima Conference in Spokane, Washington.

Waldorf Schools and Occultism

Introibo joins the show after having done some shocking reasearch on this high-end private school. introiboadaltaredei2.blogspot.com

Cheaters Never Prosper + Saint Theresa the Saint for Our Times

Matt and Kevin argue about sports (ladies may wanna skip this segment) and the impact of selfishness in society. They then move on to the Nordstream pipeline, the evil synod of Bergoglio and why Saint Theresa’s example is the answer to a difficult life. Thanks for listening! AMDG!

Three Priests discuss: The Beauty of the Papacy

Fathers Geckle, Zepeda and Appelhanz join the show to discuss a very important and relevant topic: the Papacy. What respect do we owe the Pope? Must we obey him? When is he infallible? All questions will be answered from the teachings of Holy Mother the Church. Please share this one with your friends and family. […]