Father Thomas Ojeka tells his story of perseverance in seeking Truth

Father Ojeka joins the podcast from Nigeria to discuss his long journey from a young boy in the Novus Ordo, nine years in a modern religious order to leaving everything he knew for the true Catholic Faith. This is a remarkable story told by a remarkable young priest. Please pray for Father Ojeka, for all […]

Childrens’ Stories: Brother Gerard Begs for Alms

Catholic Family Podcast often speaks on the evils of Disney and other modern media. We hope, in a very small way, to replace bad media with trustworthy, Godly media. These will be simple stories that we hope will carry a simple moral that children can learn from and also be entertained by. Please pray for […]

Introduction to Philosophy – With Father Stephen McKenna (Part 2)

Father is back for part 2 to continue on his description of the study of the love of wisdom. In this second part he dives into Socrates, Plato and Aristotle….morons….(sorry, I couldn’t resist). Fr McKenna has a degree in Philosophy on top of his many studies in the seminary and as a priest. Thanks very […]

An Introduction to Philosophy – With Father Stephen McKenna

Father received a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy before, of course, furthering his study of attaining wísdom in his seminary classes. In this part 1 of a series which will eventually be “Exploring the Errors of Modern Philosophy”, Father gives the very basics for Philosophy. Grab a coffee, put on your thinking caps and enjoy! AMDG

Three Priests Discuss the errors of Lutheranism

Fathers Lehtoranta, Geckle and Appelhanz join the show to discuss the evils of Martin Luther and how his religion effected politics and society as can be so clearly seen today. Check out a GREAT documentary about Luther here: https://www.bing.com/search?q=braun+m…   AMDG!

His Excellency, Bishop Mark Pivarunas (CMRI) tells his story

His Excellency was kind enough to sit down for an interview and give an in-depth look at his journey from being a young Catholic in Chicago to running the largest Traditional Catholic congregation in the world. The “down to earth” Bishop recounts many experiences including stating that he decided to join the seminary due to […]

Mario Derksen – Novus Ordo Watch – discusses Benedict XVI

Who better to discuss the recently deceased Josef Ratzinger than the man being Novus Ordo Watch, Mario Derksen. Mario dives into this controversial figure, providing detailed information on just who Benedict XVI really was. We should pray for the soul of this man and hope that he repented of his errors and will eventually reach […]