Cheaters Never Prosper + Saint Theresa the Saint for Our Times

Matt and Kevin argue about sports (ladies may wanna skip this segment) and the impact of selfishness in society. They then move on to the Nordstream pipeline, the evil synod of Bergoglio and why Saint Theresa’s example is the answer to a difficult life. Thanks for listening! AMDG!

Three Priests discuss: The Beauty of the Papacy

Fathers Geckle, Zepeda and Appelhanz join the show to discuss a very important and relevant topic: the Papacy. What respect do we owe the Pope? Must we obey him? When is he infallible? All questions will be answered from the teachings of Holy Mother the Church. Please share this one with your friends and family. […]

How to be a true man and the disturbing impact of ”screen time”

Matt and Kevin jumpt right in with a long segment about the “wussification of society”. Matt then hosts “Megha” in a discussion about the deep societal issues with technology and Kevin wraps things up with a segment about childhood. 34:50 Megha and Matt talk screen time 48:03 Kevin monlogues about kids and their responsibilities