If you are a seminarian or a Priest, you may obtain these prices by collaborating with TCW in creating works that we request. For a list of the works available to do, please see the bottom of the page.

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Noah Ellis

Contributor from Mater Dei Seminary

Current Points

collectio rituum - 300 points.

Collectio Rituum for U.S.A., year 1954 edges a little bit worn.

collectio rituum - 350 points.

Collectio Rituum for U.S.A., year 1954 in good shape

Missale Romanum Travel Size - 350 points.

Benzinger, 1947, Travel Size with Tabs, black Cover, excellent shape. (Half-letter Size)

Priest's New Ritual (Pocket Size) - 400 points.

Pocket Size, cover a bit worn, 1947.

Missale Romanum 1958 - 500 points.

Missale Romanum, extremely rare size, a little bit small than chapel size, brand new, 1958 year, Tabs in perfect shape, includes cover.

Matters Liturgical 1959 - 500 points.

Matters Liturgical, 1959 Original Edition.

Works that you may submit for the collection of points.

(Please contact the Ecclesiastical coordinator to check for availability of works... your project might have been already taken)

Papal Encyclicals (1 point for every 200 words in the encyclical)

The work submitted must include:

Research Work on Heresies of Vatican II Antipopes (100 points for each)

The work submitted must include:

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For Collaborators

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