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The Catholic Family Podcast

The Catholic Family Podcast

We are a Traditional Catholic channel dedicated to providing fun, wholesome and hopefully edifying content.
Though we intend to speak with experts (Priests and other religious), we ourselves are simple laymen trying to stumble the long way up our humble paths to Heaven.
We believe in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and hold to the teachings of the True Faith and to all true Popes, the last being his holiness, Pope Pius XII.

For a list of all the episodes, scroll to the bottom of this page.

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The Decline of Society: Part 1 – The Middle Ages

Father Carlos Borja and my Dad join the show for a three-part series discussing the decline of society and how we got to the chaotic, immoral world we live in.


If you have any questions or comments please email me at

Project Got Your Back: 100 mile ruck by veterans for veterans

Paul, Rick and Evan are on a 100 mile journey to spread awareness for a great project which supports veterans in and around Minnesota. These three vets are putting their boots to the pavement and being the “doers” we so badly need in this world. 


Please support them and the project:


If you can’t support them financially, at least help by sharing on social media and commenting your support. 



The Catholic Wire: Podcasts, Blogs,Traditonal Market Place and Network

Father Carlos Zepeda joins the show to discuss his new, ambitious project, He has huge goals and dreams for this site and is in need of volunteers – and donations are always welcome. 


It’s an incredibly exciting project and I can’t recommend enough that you go and check it out.


You can reach Father at: 

You can reach Kevin at:


Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

Of Liturgical Music and its Importance

Father Timothy Geckle and my bro, Dom, join the show to discuss all things Church Music. We chat about our experiences and most importantly how choir directors and members should should have the proper mindset in singing for God. 



Bergoglio’s Antics Help the Traditional Catholic Movement

Though he may not intend it, the head honcho in Rome (not the Pope) is pushing people TOWARDS the Latin Mass and Tradition rather than away from it. It’s time to pray and be on our best behavior in hopes of adding souls to God’s army here on earth. Father Borja and my Dad join the show to discuss the recent news and how it affects us.


Charity above all things

I’m back to discuss why we have been gone for so long, what to expect in the future and how the last few weeks have really made me think about how we treat our neighbor.

The Catholic Family Podcast 45-He Who Sings Prays Twice

In this mini-pod we promote a new CD from the CMD choir. Recorded during three solemn High Masses offered in December by the three newest priests – under Bishop Mark Pivarunas, it offers wonderful mix of Gregorian chant, Palestrina and even a Danish March. 

Can’t recommend it enough!

The CD can be ordered HERE.  

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

The Catholic Family Podcast 40-I Suggest We Form a Musical Club

Jane Austen quotes aside, I am interested in the idea of accumulating music from Traditional Catholic talents from around the world. Even in my little circle I know some world-class musicians and singers and I think we could put together a brilliant “album”. 

Listen to the podcast for more info!

The Catholic Family Podcast 39-On the way to Sedevacante?

(Father) Carlo Maria Vigano has some strong words in an open letter regarding the Vatican and their handling of the covid crisis. In the letter he makes some statements that strongly imply he sees the seat in Rome as currently vacant. Though he may not yet have completely found the truth regarding the apostasy of Rome since the Second Vatican Council, it seems quite possible that he has taken yet another step in doing so. 

Pray for him!


In the podcast we read his open letter and briefly comment on the content. 

The Catholic Family Podcast 38-Episode 23: The Latin Mass isn’t Enough

Fathers Heyne and Borja join the show to discuss the topic of sedevacantism and the dangers of other invalid or illicite masses which have the apearance of tradition. From the root of the issue at the second Vatican Council to the problems with an una cum mass, the Fathers help clear up some important problems of our time. 

If you have any questions about this topic please email Kevin, and he will forward your contact information to one of the priests. 

If you would like to support the show you can do so at Patreon 

You can also support Father Heyne and his chapel if you send money to my PayPal: @KevinDavis971. Any penny shared on PayPal will go to Father and his needs and projects. 

A phenomenal video by Bishop Donald Sandborn regarding the sedevacantist position:

Ad maiorem Dei gloria! 

The Catholic Family Podcast 36-Episode 21: Catholic Family Planning

My mom joins to discuss how important it is to have a detailed family plan in terms of what you want your family to be and what goals you want to achieve. If our aim is not Heaven, then what is the point?

If you have questions about the podcast or an idea for a show, please email Kevin.

If you have a question for Lisa regarding raising children or just to pick her brain, you can reach her at Davisfarm11(at)

You can support our show on Patreon

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

The Catholic Family Podcast 35-Freemasonry vs Catholicism

We are back and podcasting and in the first mini show after the break we read a short article about the step-by-step plan of the freemasons in how to takeover the Catholic Church. Listen and learn how they managed to takeover the church in Rome and how we can keep them from taking over the True Catholic Church. 


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