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The Catholic Family Podcast

The Catholic Family Podcast

We are a Traditional Catholic channel dedicated to providing fun, wholesome and hopefully edifying content.
Though we intend to speak with experts (Priests and other religious), we ourselves are simple laymen trying to stumble the long way up our humble paths to Heaven.
We believe in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and hold to the teachings of the True Faith and to all true Popes, the last being his holiness, Pope Pius XII.

For a list of all the episodes, scroll to the bottom of this page.

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The Catholic Family Podcast 14 – Ep. 7 Of surviving Communism in a Journey to the Priesthood

Father Eugen Rissling joins the show to discuss his early life in Kazakhstan, his journey to the Priesthood and how he continues in his mission to save souls in Germany and Europe as a whole. 

If you have any questions for Father or would like to make a donation, please email me, and I will filter them through to Father.

You can also support this podcast or Father through Paypal (please clarify the recipient) or through Patreon.

—-The cover photo is of Father Wladyslaw Bukowinski, not Father Rissling—-

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

The Catholic Family Podcast 13-Netflix is producing pure filth

This is by far the most difficult show I have had to produce. With very little research I was able to determine that Netflix is not just a questionable company to support but during the prep for the show I truly felt like I was staring Satan in the face. 

The podcast is disturbing and should only be heard by adults and those who are currently subscribed to Netflix or who want to convince others to stop giving them money. 

The normal interview-style shows will kickoff again later this week!

If you enjoy the Catholic Family Podcast, please support us on Patreon or PayPal. 

The Catholic Family Podcast 11-Want to Help Produce Wholesome Content?

We are looking for interviewees, stories and quiz writers for the Catholic Family Podcast. As we try to fight all the bad media in the world, we need all the help we can get in producing good, wholesome content.

If you are interested in any way, please email me.

Thanks so much!

The Catholic Family Podcast 9 -Ep. 6 – Of leadership and overcoming Weakness

My brother, Paul Davis – former (and forever) Marine – joins the show to talk about his time in the USMC, how to be a leader in any walk of life and the ability to be Catholic and successful.

If you have any questions for Paul regarding his time with the USMC, his advice regarding leadership or his non-profit organisation, please email me. I will filter legitimate emails to him and he would be happy to answer them.

The non-profit organisation we discuss can be found at: (the website is under construction). More info can be found at:

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

The Catholic Family Podcast 8-The Not So Quiet Man

Andy Heasman joins me from Ireland to discuss his path from living on the streets of Dublin to spreading the Traditional Catholic Faith at the shrine of Our Lady in Knock. His is a tragic and beautiful story which will bring you to tears and hopefully to your knees in prayer.

Please contribute to Andy’s fight in spreading Truth in Ireland: 

Books regarding the Vatican 2 Council and the truth of Sedevacantism by the Fathers Radecki:

To contribute to this podcast please head over to Patreon:

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

The Catholic Family Podcast 7-Celebrating the Liturgical Year: January at a Glance

My mom, Lisa Davis, joins the show to discuss why we honor the Saints and who we have the privilege to know a little better in this month of January. Good info, great stories and even better advice!

If you have any questions for her please email me. I will then send them over to her – if appropriate.

Her blog (which is fantastic) can be found at:

You can support this channel and the creation of more content via patreon:

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

P.S – When she mentions Saint Hedwig during the podcast, she actually means Saint Mechtilde. (Both great saints)

The Catholic Family Podcast 6 -Is Rock and Roll Evil?

Though I am totally unqualified to condemn anything, I point out some certain songs and artists that I know to be from the Devil. This episode has adult content and should not be listened to around children.

For anyone who enjoys this content and wants to see more, please support the podcast on Patreon! –

The True Restoration Podcasts which delve deep into Disney and other modern programming directed at children can be found here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The Catholic Family Podcast 5-Of Being a Young Parent

My sister, Michelle (Aka, Chicky), joins the show to talk about her experiences as a young, Catholic mother. At 25-years-old she has four kids under the age of four (no twins) and manages to live life with a smile – most of the time.

If you want to ask Michelle something about raising kids or anything else you may be interested in, please email Kevin. and he will filter the question through.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

The Catholic Family Podcast 4-Of True Charity

Father Timothy Geckle was kind enough to join the show to discuss what it means to truly love our neighbor and how anything we say and do can have a huge affect on those around us.

If you have a question for Father Geckle regarding true charity, the CMRI or the Traditional Latin Mass, please email Kevin. Give him your basic question and a little of your background and he will filter proper emails through to Father.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

The Catholic Family Podcast 3 – Of Politics and Hope in God

My Dad (Dan Davis) joins the show to discuss the current political situation in the U.S and why we should pray for a good outcome but put our Hope only in God.

If you have any questions about his views or would like to find out more regarding the CMRI, Traditional Catholic Faith or this podcast, please email me .

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

The Catholic Family Podcast 2 – Of being manly and prepared

My good friend Raphy joins me to discuss why it’s important for Catholic men to be manly men and how to be prepared in a “worst case scenario”.

If you have any comments or questions about the topic, email Kevin or find him on Twitter or Facebook under the name Kevin Gillikin.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

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