Presentation of the Virgin Mary

Novena for the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Feast Nov. 21

From: Mary, My Hope, (1954)

It is an ancient tradition that at the age of three, Mary was solemnly offered to God in the temple by the hands of the high priest. She lived in prayer and work in the service of the temple. Mary’s first offering of herself was most pleasing to God. The Father looked upon her as His beloved Daughter; the Son, as the one chosen to become His Mother; the Holy Spirit, as His Immaculate Spouse. Under the patronage of your Heavenly Mother consecrate your whole life to God.

You are kind and lovable in your splendor, holy Mother of God! Show me your face. Let your words sound in my ears, for your voice is sweet and your face is beautiful. Turn to us in your beauty and loveliness! Come forth in majesty and reign!

Hail Mary…

Blessed Mother of God, Mary ever Virgin, Temple of the Lord, Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit, you alone, without an equal, have pleased our Lord Jesus Christ!

Hail Mary…

You are indeed happy, holy Virgin Mary and most worthy of all praise, for from you arose the Sun of Justice, Christ our Lord. Draw us, Immaculate Virgin; we shall come after you, breathing the sweet fragrance of your virtues!

Hail Mary…

Mary Speaks:

I have asked the Lord for one thing, and this I shall seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life; that I may enjoy the delights of the Lord and visit His temple.

(Ps. 26, 4)

In the holy dwelling place I have ministered to Him.

(Ecclus, 24, 14)


HAIL, O Queen of heaven enthroned,

Hail, by angels Mistress own’d.

Root of Jesse, Gate of morn,

Whence the world’s true Light was born.

Glorious Virgin, joy to thee,

Loveliest whom in heaven they see,

Fairest thou where all are fair,

Plead with Christ our sins to spare.


V. Grant that I may praise you, holy Virgin.

R. Give me strength against your enemies.

Let us Pray

O GOD, Who have willed that the Blessed Virgin Mary, herself the dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit, should this day be presented in the temple, grant, we beg of You, that through her intercession we may be found worthy to be presented in the temple of Your glory. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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