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Pope Gregory XVI – Cum Primum

Main Doctrines: Most Important Quotes. (See also the pull quotes below) Historical Background The Pope had suffered a revolution in his states in 1831, soon after his crowning. Poland had been influenced by the ideas of the French and American Revolution, and many poles had fought together with Napoleon in the hopes of obtaining help from France to bring the ideals of the french revolution, (among which, of course, was de-Christianization and the Secular State). After the defeat of Napoleon and the congress of Vienna, Poland had been placed under the power of the Russian Tsar, as the “Duchy of Warsaw”, a state part of a commonwealth, with some internal independence and its own constitution.The Tsar, foreseeing the forces of revolution and freemasonry at work, censored the press and forbade freemasonry. Soon after the clubs and clandestine organizations were to create an uprising in Poland, which has gone down in history

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The True

What is the Papacy?

In this article, we will describe his role, prove that the institution of the Papacy comes from Christ Himself, and explain that through the crisis that has decimated the Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council, The Faithful are still able to discern whether if a claimant to the Papacy is the true Pope or not.

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The True Papacy

The True Papacy

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