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Pope Gregory XVI – Cum Primum

Main Doctrines: Obedience to the lawfully constituted civil authority is a precept from God, and men are bound to obedience, unless the civil authority commands something contrary to the law of God, or of the Church. Most Important Quotes. (See also the pull quotes below) “We are taught most clearly that the obedience which men are obliged to render to the authorities established by God is an absolute precept which no one can violate, except if by chance something is commanded which runs counter to the laws of God or of the Church.” “Let everyone” says the Apostle, “be subject to higher authorities, for there exists no authority except from God, and those who exist have been appointed by God. Therefore he who resists the authority resists the ordination of God . . . wherefore you must needs be subject not only because of the wrath, but also for conscience

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The True

What is the Papacy?

In this article, we will describe his role, prove that the institution of the Papacy comes from Christ Himself, and explain that through the crisis that has decimated the Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council, The Faithful are still able to discern whether if a claimant to the Papacy is the true Pope or not.

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The True Papacy

The True Papacy

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