Featured Artist: Anthony "Rips" Kosovich

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Anthony "Rips" Kosovich

Born in 1998, Anthony Kosovich grew up in Lakewood, Colorado. He is a Traditional Catholic from birth and was a parishioner at Our Lady of the Snow parish since it was founded in 2008. Before that, he was a parishioner at Our Lady of Victory parish. He currently attends Mary Help of Christians parish in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Anthony has served Masses since 2006 and continues to serve often.

At the age of 5, Anthony was given his first musical instrument: a harmonica. He had a natural talent and ear for music at an early age and learned to play well very quickly. He never had a music teacher; he simply learned on his own. He taught himself guitar at 14, and many more instruments followed not long after. At 15, he composed his first piece of music. In the following years, he wrote more and more music and kept improving his technique. He again had no teacher and taught himself through natural talent, intuition, and trial and error. He did have a musical mentor in his sister-in-law, Claire. She would listen to his music, analyze it, and give advice if needed. His younger sisters, Lisa and Kate, also were influential in helping improve harmonic aesthetic and boosting confidence in his abilities. As of the time of this bio, Anthony has written over 140 original pieces of music—and that's not even counting the experimental ones or the ones in progress. It's what he loves to do, and he plans to write music for the rest of his life.

It is rumored that Anthony can play any instrument he picks up. There are few he can play exceptionally well, but there isn't one he can't play to some degree. Some of the instruments he can play include harmonica, guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboard, banjo, harp, tin whistle, and he plays a little bit of ocarina, recorder, kalimba, jaw harp, ukulele, clarinet, and cello. Sometimes he's been known to play the drums too. People say he's naturally talented at instruments, but he would say the reason he can play so many so easily is simply knowing music theory very well.

Much of Anthony's original music is melodic electronic music that is great to listen to on its own, but it also makes great background music. He has written some choral hymns and acapella songs as well. He is, however, most proud of his orchestral music. Some pieces sound almost classical; others sound like movie soundtrack pieces; some are simply his own unique style. To date, he has released three public albums (2 electronic and 1 orchestral) that are available for streaming or purchase.

Another one of Anthony's pastimes is to sing bass in the choir. He has been doing so since he was 15. He was a lead bass in the choir at Our Lady of the Snow and is now a lead bass and backup director at Mary Help of Christians. His two younger sisters sing soprano and alto, and the three of them blend incredibly well. They love to sing hymns together. They are even planning to record an album of religious hymns and share them with Catholics around the globe.

Since he was a young teenager, Anthony has been more known by his nickname than his real name. His nickname is Rips. Rips is also his artist name he uses for his music. Some people still call him Anthony, but many of his family and friends refer to him as Rips. He really enjoys going by his nickname but responds to both names equally. He lets each person decide which name they prefer to call him by.

Anthony pours his blood, sweat, tears, heart, and soul into his music. He is always thankful to God for the talents he has been blessed with. He enjoys listening to his own music more than he can describe, but he also hopes that others can enjoy it and get inspiration from it, be it spiritual, musical, or otherwise.


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