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The Catholic Family Podcast

The Catholic Family Podcast

We are a Traditional Catholic channel dedicated to providing fun, wholesome and hopefully edifying content.
Though we intend to speak with experts (Priests and other religious), we ourselves are simple laymen trying to stumble the long way up our humble paths to Heaven.
We believe in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and hold to the teachings of the True Faith and to all true Popes, the last being his holiness, Pope Pius XII.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Lent

Lisa discusses the meaning of Shrove Tuesday, the history of Ashes on Ash Wednesday and the rules of Lent.

The History of the CMRI

Father Mary Benedict, CMRI, joins the show to give us the full story of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (Congregatio Mariae Reginae Immaculatae) from its founding in the early 1970s through to its impact on the Catholic world today. The good Father has been part of the congregation almost since its founding and gives a detailed account that will help introduce you to the good priests, brothers and sisters under his excellency, Bishop Mark Pivarunas.

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Trad Catholic and in search of a spouse/friends?

The Young Adult Get together ( works, and not just for finding love but also lasting friendships. For this show we bring on Colleen and Leanne,-Yagermeisters” to discuss what the YAG is, but more importantly we are joined by Claire and Travis who can directly connect their marriage to this event.

Fun was had by all and we hope you stick around to the end of a very interesting chat!

YAG on Facebook:…



Our Blessed Mother, the Great Traveler

On this Feast of the Flight into Egypt, Lisa (Mom) Davis dives into the often forgotten part of Mary’s life, her travels. Can you guess how many approximate miles she would have walked in her lifetime? I doubt it! Listen in to find out the incredible answer.



Catholic Mysteries: In search of Saint Valentine

Lisa (Mom) Davis delves into the mystery of Saint Valentine. We know him today as the “patron of love” but who was he? Priest? Bishop? Roman? Listen to this riveting ten minutes and find out more about a Saint who’s name has been hijacked. 

Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

Our Lady of Lourdes

Lisa (Mom) Davis gives us quick listen for the feast of the day, February 11th – Our Lady of Lourdes.

Mary Immaculate Queen, pray for us!

Saint Bernadette, pray for us!


Catholic Mothering 101: The Phalanx vs Linear Strategy

Lisa Davis (Mom) shares a bit of her well-earned motherly wisdom and explains the best way a family can sit at church. Sounds silly perhaps but it will save some heartache!

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Unlikely Friends: St. Agatha and the Japanese Martyrs

Another quick story of the saints of the day. Courage, Faith and martyrdom are just a few points these Heavenly neighbors have in common. 


Learn about their stories here with Lisa Davis (Mom). 



What to know about Saint Blaise

Most of us have had the priest bless our throats with the two crossed candles asking for Saint Blaise to intercede for us and cure us of our ailments.  But do we know much more about this great saint? Or about the blessing? 

Lisa Davis (Mom) is here for another quick explanation of today’s feast: February 3rd, the feast of Saint Blaise.


Of raising(and being) True, Catholic men

Fathers Gronenthal and Phillip join the show with me and “Dad” to discuss the importance of maniliness in society, how to achieve it ourselves and some tips on raising good, Catholic boys into men. 

Really some great stuff in this one!



Two Moms Discuss health and homeopathy

Michelle Landsgaard is joined by her sister-in-law Maddie to discuss their experiences with a healthy lifestyle and their thoughts on how to treat different illnesses in their young families. 

Their opinions and thoughts are strictly their own and they are not medical professionals. They share what has worked for them and intend in no way to upset others with this topic. 


Politics & Religion: Defining Terms – Looking at Solutions

Kevin is joined by Eric the Caveman and “Dad” for a show that was once planned to be about the truths of Fascism and kinda ended up as an entertaining yet rudderlish ship. Still, there are some GREAT lines and it’s absolutely a discussion worth listening to.

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Three Mothers Discuss: Keeping Christ in Christmas

Michelle (Chicky) Landsgaard takes the reins in hosting this fun yet educational show about celebrating Advent and Christmastide in their proper way. With philosophical and practical advice, the three mothers (Chicky, Mom and Ina) will surely leave you with some great ideas for your own family. 

We hope and pray that all of our listeners have a holy and beneficial season of Advent and a joy and grace-filled Christmas.


“Mom’s” blog can be found at:

The Brightside of Our Idiotic World: God

I’m joined for part-two with my friends from Australia to discuss how the insanity – especially in their home country – has actually been in many ways, a blessing.

Apologies for some technical issues – they mostly appear from minute 15 to minute 22.


Raising Good Kids in an Evil Time

Damian and Theresa join the show from down unduh to discuss share their opinions on proper Catholic child rearing. It’s great to get different opinions on the topic and they do a fantastic job of explaining what they think has been most important while raising their ten kids.



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