Jean Zuleger-Monument Valley

Monument Valley

This is one of the 4 paintings I did last yr. during covid lockdown. It is a scene in Monument Valley, top of Arizona. These two rocks are called ‘the mittens’  you can see why, yes I’ve been there 3 times& I love the whole place!

Jean Zuleger-The Wolves

The Wolves

First I painted the picture without the moon and gave it to my sister, because she tracked & reported on the wolves in Wis. for the DNR.   Later the dentist my daughter worked for; said he would take a painting for his work on my teeth. So, I painted a new one with the moon […]

My Mother, too

My mother tooHe made you beMy mother tooI ask of theeI ask for guidanceI beg and pleadI ask in silenceMy every need My mother tooHe made you beMy mother tooI come to theeAmidst my tearsTo thee I bringAll my fearsIn everything My mother tooHe made you beMy mother tooYou care for meMy joy and sorrowYou […]

The Son’s Flower

Child Jesus

I want to be a flower,But not just any kindI want to be a faithful one,The Son it goes to find. I want to follow HimThrough the night and day;For HIm I want to riseAnd serve in every way. I want to be a flower;I want to serve Him true.I want to follow HimIn everything […]

Tecla-St. Joseph

St. Joseph

St. Joseph 24 x 36 Oil on Board Joseph was chosen by God to be the spouse of the Virgin Mary.  What surprise and unworthiness he must have felt when the lily grew from his staff… Me, Lord?  You want me to be the spouse of this young maiden?