The Catholic Family Podcast 35-Freemasonry vs Catholicism

We are back and podcasting and in the first mini show after the break we read a short article about the step-by-step plan of the freemasons in how to takeover the Catholic Church. Listen and learn how they managed to takeover the church in Rome and how we can keep them from taking over the […]

The Catholic Family Podcast 34-Back in two weeks!

Due to a new job and the fast approach of Holy Week and Easter (pun intended), I will be taking a two week podcast break. We will return with content sometime shortly after Easter. Wishing you all a very happy and holy Eastertide. God bless!

The Catholic Family Podcast 3 – Of Politics and Hope in God

My Dad (Dan Davis) joins the show to discuss the current political situation in the U.S and why we should pray for a good outcome but put our Hope only in God. If you have any questions about his views or would like to find out more regarding the CMRI, Traditional Catholic Faith or this […]

The Catholic Family Podcast 2 – Of being manly and prepared

My good friend Raphy joins me to discuss why it’s important for Catholic men to be manly men and how to be prepared in a “worst case scenario”. If you have any comments or questions about the topic, email Kevin or find him on Twitter or Facebook under the name Kevin Gillikin. Ad maiorem Dei […]

How to get into the Podcast

Welcome to the Catholic Wire! As we start our Podcast programs, how would you feel about getting into the main show? If you have interesting questions, or topics you would like to have addressed, just send us an audio recording, and if the question is worthwhile, we will insert that into our Podcast! Remember, we […]