How to get into the Podcast

Welcome to the Catholic Wire! As we start our Podcast programs, how would you feel about getting into the main show? If you have interesting questions, or topics you would like to have addressed, just send us an audio recording, and if the question is worthwhile, we will insert that into our Podcast! Remember, we […]

The Projects Section

Welcome to the Catholic Wire ! A new concept in the process for The Wire will be the Project Section. In here you will find ideas and projects, proposed by Catholics or Priests, with the intent of finding cooperators or related proposals. If you are interested in posting a new project in the projects section, […]

Method of Meditation of St. Alphonsus Liguori

Listen to the Podcast! What is the Method of Meditation of St. Alphonsus Liguori? The Method of St. Alphonsus consists of three parts, which are themselves, subdivided in different stages: Preparation. Act of Faith in the Presence of God, and of Adoration. Act of Humility and of Sorrow for our Sins. Petition for Light. Meditation. […]

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