Jean Zuleger-The Old Farm

This is the same farm on both paintings, from the house side , then from the barn side. It is dark as in the evening.  In the house picture, you see the grandparents,(she is calling for supper) and my father & his brother are playing. In the barn pic, it is the parents giving the […]

Jean Zuleger-Stopping at the falls

Stopping at the Falls

This painting I did from imagination. I consider it to be in Colorado, the trappers are stopping to water the horses & themselves. So, it’s title is “Stopping at the falls”. It is acrylic and is 18 x 22 including the frame. It was painted in 2014. I would sell it for $149. + shipping

Jean Zuleger-Roseville covered bridge

Roseville covered bridge

In 1990 my mother & I went on a bus tour of covered bridges, in Indianna. After printing the photos, I decided to paint this one, but I cut two photos & pasted them together to make it like I wanted it. I would sell this one for $135. It is titled. Roseville Bridge, is […]

Jean Zuleger-First Oil Painting

This is the first oil painting I made in 1958. At that time, I could not paint trees.  So, after loosing it for many years in my house, I found it and after 60 years, repainted the back ground to not include any trees.  But I left the mountain lion just the way it was. […]

Jean Zuleger-Frosty Morning

Forsty Morning

This is one of the four painting I did during the time of covid lockdown in 2020, I call it Frosty morning. One of my granddaughters picked it & I will give it to her this year.

Andrea England-Chinese Madonna

Chinise Maddonna

Chinese Madonna Year: circa 1999Medium: watercolorReference: holy card in my collectionWatercolor is not a medium with which I have had much to do; I prefer to maintain mastery ofthe medium in the mysterious interaction of touch, and instrument, and paper, and thought–and thiswet, leaky stuff escapes control so readily! And afterward there is no recourse. […]

Jean Zuleger-Old Stone Barn

Old Stone Barn

Here is a painting I started and had almost done when I sent a photo to my sister in Wis, and by the time I was finished, she called back and told me she had sold it.  So I felt I had lost it and I painted another.  Now I am willing to put it […]