Sermon for the Day of the Assumption

Domus Aurea Virgin Mary

The Catholic Wire · On the Assumption Lesson from the book of JudithJudith 13:22-25; 15:10The Lord has blessed you by His power, because by you He has brought our enemies to nought. Blessed are you, O daughter, by the Lord the Most High God, above all women upon the earth. Blessed be the Lord Who […]

Who is She Ascends so High

Domus Aurea Virgin Mary

Type: English Hymn. Story: A Beautiful Hymn, taken from the Pius X Hymnal, to celebrate the feast of the Assumption. The last line of the original Hymn prays: “Now she sits with the sun”. Considering the lack of rhythm and the better meaning, the seminarians at Mater Dei changed it usually to be: “Now she […]

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