Jean Zuleger-The Wolves

The Wolves

First I painted the picture without the moon and gave it to my sister, because she tracked & reported on the wolves in Wis. for the DNR.   Later the dentist my daughter worked for; said he would take a painting for his work on my teeth. So, I painted a new one with the moon […]

Jean Zuleger-The Old Farm

This is the same farm on both paintings, from the house side , then from the barn side. It is dark as in the evening.  In the house picture, you see the grandparents,(she is calling for supper) and my father & his brother are playing. In the barn pic, it is the parents giving the […]

Jean Zuleger-First Oil Painting

This is the first oil painting I made in 1958. At that time, I could not paint trees.  So, after loosing it for many years in my house, I found it and after 60 years, repainted the back ground to not include any trees.  But I left the mountain lion just the way it was. […]

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