Jesus My Lord! Behold at length the time

Lyrics and Translation: 1.-Jesus, my Lord! Behold at length the timeWhen I resolveTo turn away from crime. [Chorus]Oh, Pardon me, Jesus:Thy mercy I implore;I will never more offend Thee (Bis) No, Never More. 2.-Since my poor soul,Thy precious blood has costSuffer it notForever to be lost. [Chorus] 3.- Kneeling in tears, Behold me at Thy […]

How to Make the Greatest Evil in Our Lives Our Greatest Happiness

(Winter-Spring, 2006) by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, O.P. (E.D.M.) Suffering is the great problem of human life. We all have to suffer. Sometimes small sorrows, sometimes greater ones fall to our share. We shall now tell our readers how to avoid much of this suffering, how to lessen all suffering and how to derive great benefits […]

God of mercy and compassion-English Version

Lyrics and Translation: English1 God of mercy and compassion,Look with pity upon me.Father, let me call Thee Father,’Tis Thy child returns to Thee. Refrain:Jesus, Lord, I ask for mercy;Let me not implore in vain;All my sins—I now detest them,Never will I sin again. 2 By my sins I have deservedDeath and endless misery;Hell, with all […]

The Church Laws of Fast and Abstinence

What are the traditional laws of Fast and Abstinence? Why does the Church command the faithful to Fast? In our day and age we have lost the concept of penance and reparation. For this reason, it seems to some that the imposition of fasting and penance is something burdensome and not fitting our society. But […]

How to prepare for General Confession

What is a general confession? A general confession consists in repeating the confessions done in the past, with the purpose of attaining more graces and preparing for some significant event in one’s life. How can I prepare for a General Confession? To prepare for it, these are some good recommendations: It is also good to […]

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