On Devotion to the Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary-Respice Stellam Copyright TCW

My dear friends, today, finding ourselves in the midst of the Month of May, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, I wish to speak to you of the Virgin Mary. If we have been talking about happiness and joy during this Easter season, there can be hardly any topic as joyful […]

The Parents of God

Is there anyone who understandsWhat it is to hold God in your hands?And who on earth can knowWhat it is to watch God grow?Only the Blessed Virgin,and Joseph her most chaste spouse! What a lively faith it takesTo know this Child, the Author of Grace.And to remember the reverence dueTo this Boy who is obedient […]

Andrea England-Chinese Madonna

Chinise Maddonna

Chinese Madonna Year: circa 1999Medium: watercolorReference: holy card in my collectionWatercolor is not a medium with which I have had much to do; I prefer to maintain mastery ofthe medium in the mysterious interaction of touch, and instrument, and paper, and thought–and thiswet, leaky stuff escapes control so readily! And afterward there is no recourse. […]

Tecla-The Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Conception

THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Oil on Canvas 32 X 40 Fr. Francisco Radecki had a very poor rendition of Murillo’s Immaculate Conception.  It hung in our social hall for several months.  I made no comment since I didn’t want to offend him.  Finally, one day he asked me what I thought of the painting.  When I […]

Tecla-Pierced with Love

Virgin Mary with child

During the hectic days of raising my children, I forgot many things: dentist appointments, keys to my car, and where I put my daughter’s favorite sweatshirt!  But I never forgot the moments of their birth, when they gazed at me for the first time.  I was dizzy with love and often wondered if they felt […]

Sermon for the Sunday 21st after Pentecost. – On the Most Holy Rosary.

My dear friends, as you all know, this month is dedicated to the devotion of the Most Holy Rosary.Today, I would like to address the importance of this beautiful devotion, and some practical matters on the proper way to practice it. The Catholic Wire · 21st Sunday-On the Rosary and the objections against it. No […]

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