The Parents of God

By C. Crochet

Is there anyone who understands
What it is to hold God in your hands?
And who on earth can know
What it is to watch God grow?
Only the Blessed Virgin,
and Joseph her most chaste spouse!

What a lively faith it takes
To know this Child, the Author of Grace.
And to remember the reverence due
To this Boy who is obedient to you.
Oh marvelous faith of the Virgin,
and Joseph her most chaste spouse!

And who can hold concealed
What’s been to you revealed
That the Divine Word made flesh
Is hidden in Nazareth.
Praise the holy silence
Of Mary and her most chaste spouse!

So Remember Christian souls
Who it is that Mary holds.
And pray to the father of Christ
To assist you in the fight.
So that when it is time to die,
To Jesus, you may fly,
Carried by the arms of Mary
And Joseph her most chase spouse!

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