Never a Man like that

Julia Lehnen, 10th Grade, March 2023 ‘Twas hot and dry in the city as we walked down dusty roads, My father’s hand clasped tightly as we passed by poor abodes. A noisy crowd was passing close, ahead upon the street, A bloody man, amid their shouts, his ragged back they beat. I stopped, aghast, no […]

I Crowned a King

By F. Geckle I grew upon a rocky hillDespised by all who passed me byTheir loathing causes me no stingFor I once crowned a King My branches, cursed upon this earthTo sinful man as thorny fruitOf his daily sweat and toiling To one day crown a King. He made me, lowly creature, knowing thatMy thorns, […]

Abyss of Grief

By C. Crochet How silent and how sad,That moment of grief,When the Virgin most pure and sweetHeld the disfigured body of her Son.Those pierced hands, those wounded feet.O, abyss of grief! At the cross she made a prayerThat she would die and He be spared.Alas, He did not hear her prayer,So now He’s dead and […]

The Holy Face

Ecce Homo

By Julia Lehnen One Friday morning I went out to gather water from the well,When to my ears came the shouts of soldiers and of yells.The sound of whips against a man were carried down the street,And in the sand were footsteps from a set of very bloody feet. I followed the noise of angry […]

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