Is Cremation an Option for Catholics?

Cremation Chamber Georg Lippitsch, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(Fall, 1998)by Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI Earth burial has been an integral part of Western culture for at least 1500 years. Lately, however, cremation has become more and more common, to the point that even traditional Catholics may wonder whether it is a lawful means of disposing of the remains of the departed. As we […]

My Son is an Altar Boy… here are my thoughts.

(Fall, 2006) by Mandy Drabick A Catholic mother’s life holds many joys, and without a doubt, one of the greatest is watching her son serve at the altar of God. A priest once told me that a mother could recognize her life to be a success when her children say, “I love you, Mom,” and […]

What is Euthanasia?

An article by Fr. Joseph Appelhanz Mercy Killing – Not a Work of Mercy What is Euthanasia? This is a question that many people are asking today. Everyone is of course familiar with animal euthanasia, but what about euthanasia for humans? Can a human kill himself, or allow himself to be killed by another person, […]

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