Jean Zuleger-Black Panther

Black Panther

I was intent on painting 3 large paintings of the big cats.  I painted 4 before I got three, I liked.  I didn’t like my bobcat and so somewhere it got lost!  This is the 2nd one that I painted to give my best girlfriend for her wedding, sometime in the late 50s.  Last year […]

Jean Zuleger-A High school drawing

this drawing of a boy and his pet fox I did in high school days, one night while I was babysitting. In those days I only had a stick pen that you had to re-dip into India ink every 2strokes.

Jean Zuleger-Deer


I painted this in 1969 for my son who did hunt deer in Wis.Twenty-nine years later, he gave it back for other paintings and now I sent it to my grandson from Wis, who was also a deer hunter & is now moved to New Jersey. Thís is oil and 16 x 20

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