Women Are Being Canceled: A Call to Arms

Recently the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has begun referring to pregnant women as “pregnant people”, because you know, in this age of “gender fluidity”, anyone can be pregnant.

It’s laughable, of course, but what can we do about it? Protest in the streets? Call our representatives in Congress? Sign a petition? Rant on Facebook?

No, no, no.

And no.

First, we have to realize that we are at war, and we are losing because we abandoned the field to the enemy, kind of like the recent thing in Afghanistan. We gave up our dresses and started wearing pants. And the enemy scooped up those discarded dresses gleefully and started taunting us with them, just like the Taliban does with American machine guns and helicopters.

But it’s not too late to turn this battle around.

Why? Because if you go to any public restroom, the sign on the door for the women’s bathroom STILL shows a figure in a DRESS. And the men’s bathroom sign shows a figure in pants.

Despite all the propaganda, deep down everyone still knows that women are identified by dresses. Rejoice, my sisters! All is not lost!

The church of woke could easily have insisted by now on depicting a woman in yoga pants, and it would be a more accurate representation of the status quo, but nope: A dress = WOMAN. The connection stands.

Surely, this is a miracle?

Therefore, let us in gratitude take prompt and appropriate action. Let us re-claim the battlefield from the enemy while this fragile line still holds. Let us get our dresses on, ladies. They’re our uniform for this battle.

See you in the trenches.

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