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Sermon for the 9th Sunday after Pentecost

By Fr. Carlos Zepeda The Liturgy of the Church during the time after Pentecost, seems at first glance not to follow a particular order. There is no chronological order; nor a definite succession of ideas from one Sunday to the other. Instead, each Sunday seems to have a particular theme, an idea that dominates most of the prayers, readings, even the Divine Office which the Priests and Religious pray. Today, the idea that permeates all of the Liturgy, may be summarized as follows: “Acknowledge the dignity of the graces you have received, and correspond to them, lest you have to suffer the punishment if you reject the blessings from God”. This is an unmistakably personal calling to each of us. First, to realize the great accountability we ought to give, for the graces and blessings received. Let us draw a parallel between the Jews in the old testament, and ourselves

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How to prepare for General Confession

What is a general confession? A general confession consists in repeating the confessions done in the past, with the purpose of attaining more graces and preparing for some significant event in one’s life. How can I prepare for a General Confession? To prepare for it, these are some good recommendations: It is also good to remember: What is necessary for a Confession to be fruitful? From all these points, you will want to focus particularly on Contrition and Resolution, since, the more intense these acts, the more graces you will receive when you go to confession. It might be fitting here, to go over the qualities of a good act of Contrition: What are the qualities of a good act of Contrition? For a further explanation, listen to our Podcast Episode! And don’t forget, if you have further questions, or requests for topics to be covered, reach out to us,

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The Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life

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