Jesus My Lord! Behold at length the time

Lyrics and Translation: 1.-Jesus, my Lord! Behold at length the timeWhen I resolveTo turn away from crime. [Chorus]Oh, Pardon me, Jesus:Thy mercy I implore;I will never more offend Thee (Bis) No, Never More. 2.-Since my poor soul,Thy precious blood has costSuffer it notForever to be lost. [Chorus] 3.- Kneeling in tears, Behold me at Thy […]

Fiducia Supplicans – Want it or Not, the Approval of Homosexuality.

By Fr. Carlos Zepeda It wasn’t too long ago that we were recording a podcast denouncing the scandal caused by the Vatican with the approval of so-called transgenders for Baptism and to function as sponsors. In that podcast, we stated that it was only a matter of time, perhaps a few months or a couple […]

On Devotion to the Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary-Respice Stellam Copyright TCW

My dear friends, today, finding ourselves in the midst of the Month of May, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, I wish to speak to you of the Virgin Mary. If we have been talking about happiness and joy during this Easter season, there can be hardly any topic as joyful […]

Sunday Sermon for First Communion

“As the deer long for the springs of water, so my soul longs for you, oh God.”  The first words, my friends, of Psalm 41. Words that are very fitting for the occasion which we celebrate today, two young children receiving our Lord Jesus Christ for the first time in Holy Communion. And my dear […]

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