What is our relationship with the Persons of the Most Holy Trinity? (Sermon)

My dear friends, today, is the culmination of all the other feasts of the Church, we celebrate today, the mystery that is central to our faith and salvation: The Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity.

Everything else, my dear friends, that we speak of, that we remember in the Church, has no other point but to lead us to this: to come to know, love and serve the Most Holy Trinity, that is God himself.

If Christ was born was for this purpose, if he died on the cross was for this, if the Virgin Mary helps us, and we pray to her is so that she leads us to this, if all the saints are present in our devotion, it is so that we reach this goal ultimately.

The Most Holy Trinity.

Allow me to drag you out from earth, my dear friends, to bring you away from this world, and to see what we were created to have for all eternity.

Now my dear friends, to speak of the Most Holy Trinity, is to speak of the most lofty of all topics. I would wish above all to impress in our hearts, the love of our God, and the desire to become closer to God, I would wish to impress in our hearts the need of separation from the world. But to bring these things to our hearts, is harder than it seems, because we have grown so accostumed to the world, and we are so used to this temporal life!

How can we grow to love and desire God, when we are so in love with our life and existence away from him?

On a certain occasion, in Omaha, a young man brought his younger siblings to school. It was morning. I get called to go and help, because apparently, one of the younger boys did not want to come out of the Van. My answer was : “well, make him!” Is not that simple. I go out there and we struggle for some 20 minutes to bring him out of the van. The boy is not moving, and he holds on with all his strength to the seats.

This is us , my dear friends. We live here, but in a temporal vehicle, that is supposed to lead us to eternity, but we love this temporal place so much! And when the Priest or someone else, is trying to pull us out of it, we cling on to it, and it seems we don’t even want to hear about what is out there.

Allow me to drag you out from earth, my dear friends, to bring you away from this world, and to see what we were created to have for all eternity.

Allow me to speak to you of two things: first, of our relationship with each of the three persons. And second, of how close is God to you.

First, when it comes to our relationship with the first person of the Most Holy Trinity, I’d like you to consider the words of Our Lord in John, Chapter 17. Our Lord says in there, that he came to this earth, to manifest the name of the first person. What is this name that Jesus Christ came to reveal to us? The sweetest name there could be:


Wait and listen. I will tell you right now how much God loves you, and I will prove it to you.

Look soul, look at the sweet and gentle hand that created you. Well could he have given you other names. HE could have said: my name is Judge. My name is Boss. My name is Master, My name is Creator. My name is Almighty. My name is Justice. My name is Eternal.

But he gave all those away, and he said to you: My name is Father.

Ah! My soul, when you raise your eyes to heaven, why is your heart dry? Why do you fear? What is missing to you? When you talk to the heavens, it is to your Father. And the most loving Father. But does he love me? Will you say.

Wait and listen. I will tell you right now how much God loves you, and I will prove it to you.

For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son (John Ch. 3)

Yes, The Father loves you so much, that he gave what he loves the most, what he loves alone, he gave his own image and likeness, his beloved Son, in whom he is well pleased.

Love then, my dear soul, Love the Father. Honor Him. Glorify Him. Serve Him in every way.

In regards to the Son, my dear friends, There are so many things we could say! He is our savior, our brother, our redeemer, our teacher, our physician, our friend, our king… But let’s hear the words of Our Lord again, from Chapter 17 of St. John. Our Lord speaks to the Father, and he says to His Father:

I in them, and thou in me: that they may be made perfect in one: and the world may know that thou hast sent me and hast loved them, as thou hast also loved me.

With Jesus Christ: We are to be united. We are to become like Him. We are to be members of his Mystical Body.

When we are baptized, we die like Christ, and rise again from the waters. When we are confirmed, the Holy Ghost descends upon us, as he descended upon Christ in Jordan. When we are ordained, we become Priests, like Christ was. When we marry, we do, as Christ married the Church. When we confess, we sorrow for our sins, as Christ sorrowed for them in Gethsemani, when we receive communion, We become one with Christ, in body, in soul, in heart. When we die in the state of Grace, the Church makes us unite ourselves to the Sacrifice of the Cross. And in all these things, the Father when looking upon us, he sees not only us, but he sees Christ in us, and He loves us, as adoptive children, and we are able to love Him, In union with his only begotten son. We unite ourselves to Christ.

And finally, what is our relationship with the Holy Ghost? Let us hear Our Lord again, when in the same chapter he prays to his Father saying:  “that the love wherewith thou hast loved me, may be in them, and I in them”.

The Holy Ghost resides in us, when we are in the state of grace. He is like the soul of our Eternal Life.

Like your soul is in you, and is the reason why you live, The Holy Ghost is what keeps us in the life of Grace. Truth, comes to you through your soul, the Holy Ghost gives you truth. You can love through your soul, The Holy Ghost gives you love. Your soul keeps your body in order, and functioning, and fills and informs, every aspect of your being, in the same way the Holy Ghost fills, and informs, and completes, and nurtures the life of grace, your life of holiness, what will become when you die, your eternal life.

He is the life of your soul.

How far away do you have to go to see and talk to the Most Holy Trinity? Must you drive 40 minutes, or 1 hour?

And with this, my dear friends, we may end, by telling you this: How close is the most Holy Trinity from you? Can you find God in heaven? Can you find God in the Tabernacle? How far away do you have to go to see and talk to the Most Holy Trinity? Must you drive 40 minutes, or 1 hour?

We know that to be in the bodily presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we do have to come to the Church. But to be in the spiritual presence of God, our Catechism tells us, we can find him anywhere, because he is present everywhere. But what? Is God present only around you? That is still too far.

Listen to what the Truth incarnate said to us, in the same Gospel: If any one love me, he will keep my word. And my Father will love him and we will come to him and will make our abode with him.

Listen to what The Most Holy Trinity said to St. Theresa of Jesus, when she was wondering how to find God:

“Look into your soul. You will find me there”.

Yes! If you are in the state of Grace, don’t even look around you, that’s too far. Look inside you, in your soul, the Most Holy Trinity dwells. God is in your heart, when you walk, when you breathe, when you sleep, when you are sick, when you cry, when you suffer, when you live, even when you die. He is not far away, he is within your soul in Grace.

Close your eyes, close them to the world, and look into your soul. And you will find in there: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

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