Tecla-St. Joseph

St. Joseph

St. Joseph 24 x 36 Oil on Board Joseph was chosen by God to be the spouse of the Virgin Mary.  What surprise and unworthiness he must have felt when the lily grew from his staff… Me, Lord?  You want me to be the spouse of this young maiden?

Tecla-The Crucifix

Crucifix sculpture

The Crucifix Terra Cotta Sculpture 18 inches My son was leaving for school.  I had packed his bag and books.  My heart was breaking.  I wanted to give him a special gift, so I sculpted this Crucifix for him to take.  The clay was barely dry when he left.

Tecla-Father, Forgive Them

Father Forgive Them

FATHER FORGIVE THEM 24 X 36 Oil on Canvas As a child and into my adult life, I have never been a fan of blood–to the degree that I have flat-out fainted at the sight!  Yet, as a Catholic, I was taught to honor images of the Crucifixion and was often asked to paint them.  […]

Tecla-The Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Conception

THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Oil on Canvas 32 X 40 Fr. Francisco Radecki had a very poor rendition of Murillo’s Immaculate Conception.  It hung in our social hall for several months.  I made no comment since I didn’t want to offend him.  Finally, one day he asked me what I thought of the painting.  When I […]

Tecla-Pierced with Love

Virgin Mary with child

During the hectic days of raising my children, I forgot many things: dentist appointments, keys to my car, and where I put my daughter’s favorite sweatshirt!  But I never forgot the moments of their birth, when they gazed at me for the first time.  I was dizzy with love and often wondered if they felt […]

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