Tecla-Father, Forgive Them

Father Forgive Them


24 X 36 Oil on Canvas

As a child and into my adult life, I have never been a fan of blood–to the degree that I have flat-out fainted at the sight!  Yet, as a Catholic, I was taught to honor images of the Crucifixion and was often asked to paint them.  I refused.  It was too bloody.  As my children grew, I tried to instruct them about their Faith and why Jesus had to suffer.  I realized I had many questions to answer myself before I could help them.  So I began to meditate on Our Lord’s suffering…  I woke one night at midnight with a start.  The image of Christ crucified was in my thoughts.  But this time, I was not afraid.  I understood.  The image of Christ dying on the cross was LOVE.  The most powerful portrait of love one could conceive!  I jumped out of bed and ran to my studio.  As the sun came up, my husband opened my studio door.  The painting, Father, Forgive Them was near completion.  My heart was healed.

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  1. Excellent painting! You got it all right: the highlights and shadows, the suffering and pain on Our Lord’s face, the love in His eyes. It’s a beautiful image to meditate on. What an inspiring story, too. Thanks be to God!

  2. Thank you for your kind remarks. I always feel honored when my paintings touch someone. It is as if “my mission” is complete.

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