What is Marriage when considered as a Vocation?

St. Joseph and Mary Bethrotal

(Originally titled: The Marriage Vocation Is a Calling – Spring-Summer, 2006) by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI A vocation can be compared to the mainspring on a watch. When the mainspring is constructed carefully, it operates correctly, thereby allowing the gears to mesh properly so that the watch keeps time and fulfills its function. If […]

Reclaiming Your Life from The Phone: Drastic Measures

Are We All Addicted? We all know the feeling: You’ve been vegged out in social media land for an hour, just rotting into the couch, when you finally look up, only to realize that you just wasted an entire hour of your life and now you feel physically sick and mentally drained and really want […]


Submitted by Nicholas V. As Catholics we are especially aware of the immorality that surrounds us in our modern-day lives. We are not surprised by the atrocious offenses that take place in our workplaces, schools, and worst; our homes. Our once vigilant eyes grow weary yet our Lord yearns for our attention. Do we ever […]

Video Games – How Much is Too Much?

Video games are amazing. Especially with today’s ever advancing technology, it has become a true art form. The beauty of landscapes and the unbelievable amount of detail put into games is staggering. The fantastic story lines and cut scenes make it feel like you’re controlling a movie. But there’s a price to pay for all […]

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