Tecla-The Crucifix

Crucifix sculpture

The Crucifix Terra Cotta Sculpture 18 inches My son was leaving for school.  I had packed his bag and books.  My heart was breaking.  I wanted to give him a special gift, so I sculpted this Crucifix for him to take.  The clay was barely dry when he left.

Tecla-Father, Forgive Them

Father Forgive Them

FATHER FORGIVE THEM 24 X 36 Oil on Canvas As a child and into my adult life, I have never been a fan of blood–to the degree that I have flat-out fainted at the sight!  Yet, as a Catholic, I was taught to honor images of the Crucifixion and was often asked to paint them.  […]

Christus Vincit

Type: Gregorian Hymn. Story: Also called the laudes regiae, Christus Vincit is the Hymn par excellence to acclaim Christ as the King of Kings. “Christ conquers, Christ reigns, Christ commands.”, an inscription engraved in the obelisk that stands in the middle of St. Peter’s square in the Vatican, the Obelisk itself symbolizing Christus Invictus. The […]

Christ the King

Type: English Hymn. Story: N/A Score (Click Here) Musescore File Click Here) Lyrics and Translation: King of Kings is He anointed;Let all men adore Him;Lord above all lords appointed;Let us bow before Him. Christ Who leads us,Christ Who loves us,Christ our Ruler from His birth, He shall triumph, He shall triumph, Over all the earth. […]

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