The Catholic Wire- Back to the Faith 1-Carol.

On this our first recording, Carol tells us about her struggles through the changes that came about in the Church, and how she came to find a Priest who still said the Latin Mass, and kept the true faith. After that, she would always stay where the true Sacraments, and the Church of 2000 years was still present.

Carol and I met as I was visiting another parish. Talking with her and the parish Priest, some of her story was unfolded, and I commented that it would be great to have it recorded. She greatly shrinked from it, but the Priest who was present convinced, in a “voluntarily forceful” way.

Carol Agreed to have an interview with me. It would also be my first Episode ever.

The conversation was quite enjoyable and edifying. We hope to be able to do much more of this series in the future!

Fr. Carlos Zepeda.

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