The Crisis in the Church

It is clear for most people today, that what most of them call “The Catholic Church” is as a matter of fact greatly divided and going through a crisis, in matters of faith, morals, and discipline.

For many, this has become evident particularly during the rule of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Scandals have arisen in the matters of morals, with the acceptance and pushing of homosexuality and transgenderism within the ranks of the Church, the widely known cover-ups of homosexual and abusive so-called “Priests” and the acts of apostasy and scandal which occur so frequently in the Vatican.

To an average person, this might seem to indicate that Francis is the problem and that what we are dealing with here, is nothing else but a “Bad Pope” such as the ones we have seen in the Church in past history.

This notion is only partially accurate, since it ignores, first, the Catholic teachings regarding the Papacy, and second, the fact that these ideas and perversions of doctrine and morals have been going on in the Vatican for over 60 years now, and their source can be traced long back in History.

The knowledge of the true sources of these evils, and most particularly of what exactly is wrong, is necessary for every Catholic who wishes to preserve his Catholic Faith and belong to the True Church.


By now, every Catholic who is concerned with these issues, has in one way or another heard them all relate and be attributed to the Second Vatican Council.

Some will say that this stems from a wrong interpretation of the Council, others, that the council itself had wrong conclusions or even heretical propositions.

As we will see in future articles, it is an undeniable fact that the Second Vatican Council proclaimed and taught doctrines that had been explicitly and in an infallible way condemned by the Church.

It is also an undeniable fact that the council was the opening of the doors, the moment where the enemies came through the gates, and all revolution was set loose in the Church.

However, the roots of the problem go much deeper, and several decades, and even centuries back into history. The crisis that we see in the Church today, became worldwide and overtook the whole established Catholic structure right after Vatican 2, but this movement, this revolution had been patiently prepared, even from more than a hundred years before, by subversive members of the clergy and of groups of power.

It is since Vatican 2 that the revolution and subversion of Catholic Dogma and Morals have been prevailing. The evidence of this is mainly found in the changes which since then, affected the greater part of Catholics, and are still in place in most parishes, dioceses, and institutions.

Where can we see these changes?


To better understand the extent of the Crisis, and just where and how the Catholic Church has been attacked and undermined, it is useful to remember that, according to the Catechism of the Council of Trent, there are four main headings, four necessary aspects of Catholicism, upon which the rest of the doctrines and teachings can be found. The Catechism of the Council of Trent reads:

“The truths revealed by Almighty God are so many and so various that it is no easy task to acquire a knowledge of them, or, having done so, to remember them so well as to be able to explain them with ease and readiness when occasion requires. Hence our predecessors in the faith have very wisely reduced all the doctrines of salvation to these four heads: The Apostles’ Creed, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord’s Prayer.

The part on the Creed contains all that is to be held according to Christian faith, whether it regard the knowledge of God, the creation and government of the world, or the redemption of man, the rewards of the good and the punishments of the wicked. The part devoted to the Seven Sacraments teaches us what are the signs, and, as it were, the instruments of grace. In the part on the Decalogue is described whatever has reference to the law, whose end is charity. Finally, the Lord’s Prayer contains whatever can be the object of the Christian’s desires, or hopes, or prayers. The exposition, therefore, of these four parts, which are, as it were, the general heads of Sacred Scripture, includes almost everything that a Christian should learn.”

Catechism of the Council of Trent, Introduction.

If we are therefore to understand just to what extent this crisis has affected the Church, we must analyze these four heads, and study where and how have they been changed.


Faith is the foundation of all of the Catholic Doctrine and Religion. We cannot please God without faith, that is, without a full belief in everything which God has revealed, without excluding not even the smallest iota of it.

Without faith, it is impossible to receive the sacraments, impossible to pray, impossible to keep the commandments in a manner pleasing to God.

After the Second Vatican Council, the faith has been attacked relentlessly by new “Bishops” and “Priests”

The existence of the One God, the Most Holy Trinity, according to revelation, has been repeatedly denied, or mocked.

We have seen the Virginity and Purity of the Virgin Mary put into question, we have seen the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ put into question, as well as the reality of his resurrection. Hell is but a myth for the new Church, and the forgiveness of sins exaggerated to the point where there almost seems to be no more sins to forgive. If that wasn’t enough, the belief in “everlasting life” has been supplanted by a naturalist, materialistic worldview, where the “Popes” seem to be more concerned with the problems of climate change than with the salvation of souls.

But the main attack which has been brought against the Catholic Faith is certainly an attack against the doctrine regarding the Catholic Church.

The idea of a one true, Catholic and Apostolic Church, established and founded by Christ, outside of which there is no salvation, has been destroyed and officially belittled, to replace it with the false ecumenical idea, of a world church, where all religions will take its place, in a total disregard for revelation and truth.


Although one might argue that the Ten Commandments as such have not been changed, however, we experience frequently that in the practice, the transgression of the commandments is encouraged and praised, and what is worse, in a truly scandalous fashion, is in many cases allowed and abetted by the so-called authorities.

It is clear to everyone that the scandalous behavior which has been seen in some so-called “Priests” in the new Church is nothing but the result of an even more corrupt process of formation. Many of the Larger seminaries have been denounced as hotbeds of immorality.

Francis himself has repeatedly encouraged and fostered particularly sins against the sixth commandment, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and transgenderism. It is not a hidden fact that He officially has allowed those living in adultery to receive communion, and this, he himself stated, was part of his magisterium.

But perhaps the most grievous transgression against God’s law is that repeated continuously by the very men who claim to be holding the Papacy against the first Commandment.

Indeed, we have seen repeatedly, John Paul 2, Benedict XVI, and Francis, all engaged in paganistic rituals, all hosting the prayers of false religions, under the guise of peace, offending God Almighty and His infinite Majesty, by putting side to side Satan, with the worship of the true God.


The Catechism of the Council of Trent mentions also prayer. Now, if one thinks of what is the prayer par excellence in the Catholic Church, no one will hesitate to say, that is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Well, of the changes done after Vatican 2, this was perhaps the one most evident and the one which disturbed more thousands of the faithful worldwide.

The very concept of the Mass was changed, from being a Sacrifice to becoming a commemoration of the Lord’s supper. Essential parts of the Mass were removed, and the Priest became not the principal offerer, but rather the assembly with the Priest.

The rites were changed and de-sacralized, the art in the Churches and Sacristies was destroyed, and replaced with abhorrent and grotesque art, more to inspire aversion than devotion.

Many of these changes were brought about with the cooperation of known enemies of the Church, and it is widely known that in the confection of the “new Mass”, the cooperation of seven non-catholic ministers was used, in order to make the new rite as close to Protestantism as possible.


From all these changes perhaps the most serious in regards to their lasting effects are those which were made concerning the Sacraments.

Every instructed Catholic knows that in order to have most of the Sacraments it is necessary to have a valid minister, which will be a Catholic Priest.

Also, every good Catholic remembers that in order to create a Priest, it is necessary to have a true Catholic Bishop, who performs the necessary rites, and bestows on a man the Sacrament of Holy Orders, converting him from a mere man to a Minister of Christ, capable of bestowing upon other men the great treasures of grace which we know as the Sacraments.

If the man is not a Priest, several of the Sacraments cannot be given. It is simply impossible, since he lacks the power.

If the Bishop was not a true Bishop, then the Priests which he ordains will not be true Priests, rendering, therefore, all the sacraments they bestow nothing but a farce.

After the Second Vatican Council, most of the Sacraments were changed in parts that were of essence, and necessary for their existence. Among these, the most serious changes were made in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, namely in the consecration of Bishops where all of the words which were previously used for the consecration were replaced by a new formula, known from before to be an invalid formula for the bestowal of this sacrament.

This would potentially render most Bishops consecrated after the new rite NOT TRUE BISHOPS. And therefore, the Priests ordained by them NOT REAL PRIESTS.


We will substantiate and provide documentation for all these topics we have been touching. On this, our first Episode and entry, we wish but to provide those who see something wrong in the “Establishment Catholic Church” with a full picture of the true extent of things, and just how serious the crisis goes.


A very consoling thought is that there is a remnant of the Catholic Church that still keeps all these things unchanged. The Mass, The Sacraments, The Commandments, The Faith.

A few loyal Catholic Bishops and Priests still strive throughout the world to provide these to the faithful. Mass centers are established, in some places as small missions, in others as beautiful churches, albeit always with the beautiful ornament of simplicity and poverty, and rejection from the world and from the modern Church.

These Priests and Bishops are the only ones not allowed, (By the Grace of God) into this “Ecumenical community” this monster of a New World Church pursued by the Vatican authorities.

Good Catholics who are striving to save their soul and to belong to the Catholic Church must inform themselves and study these topics seriously, prudently, and conscientiously. They cannot imagine that ignorance of these matters will excuse them from danger.

The best manner of studying this issue is not by reading on the internet, (kind of ironic that we say that here), but rather by serious research of the previous documents from the past, and their comparison with the current teachings of the modern church, (which we will call the “Novus Ordo” Church, after the title of the reform of its liturgy given by Paul VI) until they can realize that there is certainly a contradiction and the new Church is a new Religion.

If they find themselves in the necessity of researching on the internet, they should verify the sources and credentials of those whom they read, and finally, they should try to avoid the hierarchy and so-called priesthood of the “Novus Ordo” Church, and try to find those Priests and Bishops who keep loyal to the faith.

Among the many groups which are existing in the world today, we would name the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen,, the congregations belonging to Bishop Donald Sanborn and Daniel Dolan. There are many others around the world. If you want to receive an opinion on any one of them feel free to reach out through the contact form, we will give you the reasons for and against, and proper warnings if need be.

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  1. This is amazing information father. With the release of the FS, I began my search because things just seemed so wrong? How could such a thing happen. I found your site and you’ve certainly answered some questions, and raised more, about the direction and validity of this modernist, diabolical church leadership. I will pass the word to my other Catholic friends who are also in deep distress.

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