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The Church Laws of Fast and Abstinence

What are the traditional laws of Fast and Abstinence? Why does the Church command the faithful to Fast? In our day and age we have lost the concept of penance and reparation. For this reason, it seems to some that the imposition of fasting and penance is something burdensome and not fitting our society. But this is easily understood, if one simply makes a comparison. Is it not true that a good Father or Mother will often deprive their children of things they find enjoyable, such as candy or junk food? Is it not also a common thing to see a good Father or Mother imposing displeasing things upon their children in order to procure their health? Well, our Good Holy Mother the Church, guided by the Holy Ghost, imposes to us penance for the same reason. In doing so, The Church is but following the command of our Lord,

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What every Catholic should know

What every Catholic should know

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