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What is Marriage when considered as a Vocation?

(Originally titled: The Marriage Vocation Is a Calling – Spring-Summer, 2006) by Rev. Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI A vocation can be compared to the mainspring on a watch. When the mainspring is constructed carefully, it operates correctly, thereby allowing the gears to mesh properly so that the watch keeps time and fulfills its function. If a mainspring is inferior from the beginning, or is put together without great thought or precision, it eventually breaks, leaving the watch in a worthless and dysfunctional state. In order to insure the most solid foundation for a vocation, we must pray in order to discover God’s particular will for us. God calls each soul to a particular state in life which will lead to his highest measure of happiness in this life and in eternity. A person may be called to the religious life, the married state, or the single state. All three vocations

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Fifteen Minutes of Heaven

By a Student of Mater Dei Academy. Fifteen minutes of heaven are given to me each day.A sweet quarter of an hour when the whole world fades away.It is those few sublime moments that I love the best,When I hold the God of heaven, within my poor breast.I Sacrament most holy, O Sacrament Divine!All on earth is loss to me; make me only Thine. Humanity, divinity are both disguised.What senses fail to grasp, faith supplies.My Savior, my Sanctifier, my Beloved He shall be.He is here, He is here! And this is heaven to me.O Sacrament most holy, O Sacrament Divine!He has come to earth for me in this wondrous design

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Keeping December Holy

As Catholics in it’s easy to get swept up in the secular idea of Christmas and New Years.We get distracted by the lights, music, and normal festivities. Focusing on the real reason forthis season is somewhat hard.Keeping this season holy can be simple though. There are many feasts leading up toChristmas and the Circumcision of Christ that we can use to help keep this season Godcentered.The first of many is the feast of Saint Nicholas followed by The Immaculate Conception,Saint Lucy, and Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Stephen, the first martyr, falls on the dayafter Christmas. We can find special ways to honor and remember these saints and feasts thatare so close to God’s heart through novenas and traditional ceremonies or festivities that arecelebrated on or around these days.In addition to those happy and fun things, we must remember Advent is really meant asa meditative and preparatory time of

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The Young Woman Podcast-Episode 1

While I’m writing this, I think of how silly I feel doing so. I think of how this should be easy. I’ve written pieces before, good pieces, pieces I’m proud of, unimportant, fact filled, no personality pieces. This though, this will be read by my peers and by people I know personally, by people I talk to and see regularly. That’s the scary part. I find comfort knowing I’m not writing for them. I’m writing for Him – to give Him glory. He works in mysterious ways and exactly when you need Him. I needed Him, I don’t think I knew I did, in April of 2021 when Fr. Zepeda reached out and asked if I wanted to be a part of this project. I immediately agreed to come on board. Not because I can’t say no to a project that seems like a challenge, but because I think that

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The Greatness of a Woman

By “Adriana” 11th Grader from Mater Dei Academy. What makes a great woman? Who comes to mind? Many, when asked this question, think of a woman with a successful career: maybe a politician or someone who made great discoveries. Perhaps she was the first woman to succeed in her field. Still, who was the greatest woman? It is a simple fact that the highest place in heaven below God Himself belongs to a woman named Mary. Her only job, her one accomplishment, was being a mother. Motherhood is the ideal vocation for a woman.Motherhood is a beautiful and exalted vocation. The wife and mother is the heart of the family. She makes the house a home. God has furnished her with the perfect talents and abilities to attain to this end. She is creative. Her eye for beauty is evident in the furnishings of the home.She creates lovely family customs

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